The Custer County Kids Council exists to help improve available services for young children and families by building a seamless network of early childhood providers through partnerships.

Perspectives and ideas from our nonprofit and healthcare organizations, school district, businesses, parents, and others in our community enrich our collaborative work and result in greater access for more children.The CCKC helps leverage and maximize resources, creates a sense of shared responsibility, and builds capacity to ensure sustainable early childhood support in our community.

It is ALL about partnerships within the Custer County community.

The Custer County Kids Council began as an informal meeting of organizations that provide activities, services and education for young children and families. From that meeting, a collaborative partnership formed to create an early childhood council to support our local organizations and help them communicate effectively with our community and one another.

Wet Mountain Fire Department

CCKC Board Members and SupporterS

The CCKC Board and Supporters represent an important cross-section of our community. Please consider joining the CCKC as a board member, supporter or volunteer. Your participation will make a difference in the lives of young children and have a positive impact the future of our community.

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